This week in The Bay

Here are a few great places to be this week. Listen to tracks from bands playing in SF this week (bottom of page).

Wednesday 4/30

FU MANCHU at Bottom of the Hill
Stream new Fu Manchu album at VICE|NOISEY

I saw Fu Manchu back in the late-90’s at Bottom of the Hill. They were loud and awesome but in the middle of the set, the entire right-side array of speakers went out and I thought I went deaf in one ear. I was really baked which didn’t help my panic attack. Eventually the speakers and I recovered and it was an epic show.

Thursday 5/1

DIIV at Great American Music Hall

This is where I’ll be Thursday night. Pretty pumped because these kids from Brooklyn are so fucking good. Between his work in Beach Fossils and DIIV, Z. Cole Smith is probably one of the most interesting guitarists to come along in a while. And look how that dude dresses! Get the fuck outta here! 😉

Friday 5/2

Mammoth Life, The Stand Out State, Kitten Grenade, Electric Strawberry at DNA Lounge

DNA Flyer

Saturday 5/3

Dana Falconberry, The Moore Brothers at Starry Plough (Berkeley)

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