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Growing up in Marin County, I was always a little envious of our neighbors to the north in Sonoma County because they seemed to have a vibrant music and youth scene that Marin painfully lacked. Maybe it was our close proximity to San Francisco and Berkeley, drawing  us across the Golden Gate to shows at Bottom of the Hill, or across the Richmond Bridge to Berkeley Square, or perhaps in some cases it was the safe and privileged upbringing of typical Marinites that left little desire to stay out all night with your friends and create a different kind of family. For whatever reason, Marin kids seemed to be content to be either bland, preppy, or wear a Pink Floyd shirt and smoke weed while listening to Bob Marley Legend. Then, of course, there were the fucking ravers.

But further up in the North Bay, the kids always seemed to have their own thing going on. For several decades, the Phoenix Theater in Petaluma has been host to shows that range from touring hip-hip acts, to punk and alternative veterans, to local heroes like The Velvet Teen, and most importantly LOCAL bands (even bands made up of of high school kids). Generations of musicians, punks, and various weirdos have spawned out of the Petaluma/Phoenix Theater scene. A little further north up into Santa Rosa and Sebastopol, you find a similarly vibrant music scene, which I imagine is akin to the types of towns bands find while touring college towns across the country, suburban towns and small cities filled with creative and bored kids who created their own thing. Whereas Marin bands typically label themselves “San Francisco-based” or “from the Bay Area “, Santa Rosa has its own identity and from what I can tell the bands and music fans there seemingly have no reason to shy away from it.

Check out the brilliant new video for “Parker Posey” from Santa Rosa’s The Down House. Shot after-hours at Petaluma Market grocery store, it’s a great and simple concept executed perfectly. A grocery clerk ends her shift, puts on her Walkman, and then sweeps the floor while dancing the fuck out in a celebration of love and a solid blast of “work sucks when you’re in love” attitude. She meets up with the band along the way and then they’re outta there in less than 2 1/2 minutes. Great!

5 questions Q&A

TBA: How long has the group been together?
We’ve been a band for a little over three years. Started as a 3 piece and now there’s 6 of us.

How are your live shows in comparison to your recorded stuff?
Our live shows come off a little bigger and faster than our recordings. The recordings are the blueprint and everyone adds their thing when it comes to the live show.

How do you feel about the North Bay, and Santa Rosa in particular, as a music scene? Is it vibrant and supportive to creative artists?
Love Santa Rosa. It’s always had great music/art community for as long as I can remember. Very stoked to be part of it. So many people opening their doors for shows, booking shows, starting bands, creating art, it’s awesome.

Where are the best places to eat and hang out in Santa Rosa?
Best places to eat….love macs deli, Santa Rosa Taqueria has amazing fish tacos, 4th St Market has a falafel wrap I wish I was eating right now!

Upcoming shows?

We have a show June 5th with Merchandise and Marbled Eye in Santa Rosa. Find us on Facebook or IG or Twitter @thedownhouseca

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