Noise Pop 2014 announced, Mark Kozelek, Bob Mould, No Age

Noise Pop 2014

Mark fucking Kozelek! SF Noise Pop continues to keep it real and keep it San Francisco, announcing via their awesome companion blog The Bay Bridged a partial list of performers for their 21st annual music festival. Unlike the many behemoth festivals which have sprouted up over the last decade, where a gazillion bands play in the middle of a field in broad daylight to sunburned bros and awkward suburban teens, Noise Pop is wonderful because it’s about the artists and the local venues. In SF the venues have a life and history of their own. Next time you are at Bottom of the Hill, look at all the old flyers on the wall and try not to lose your mind thinking about the shows you missed or the one you can’t remember because you were blacked out and that was the night your car got towed and your girlfriend hooked up with the singer from Creeper Lagoon. Noise Pop is more akin to a film festival where you can travel from venue to venue and check out local artists in their dark, beer-soaked native habitats as well as see some of your favorite touring acts playing in our favorite local haunts. Good times. Looking forward to further lineup announcements.