Nedelle Torrisi is the Sad Target Girl

I worked at Target my first year out of high school. The manager told me he didn’t like my nose ring or black fingernail polish but HR told him he couldn’t fire me because I might claim it was discrimination. I remember one time a customer passed out cold and collapsed while she was waiting in the checkout line. Apparently, the fluorescent lighting and overall sensory assault was too much for her. Her last words were, “It’s all too much…”

In her latest video “Don’t Play Dumb”, Nedelle Torrisi plays a melancholy Target employee who distractedly performs her duties while ruminating on the game of love. Pretty awesome.

Torrisi is currently out on tour with the magically mysterious of Montreal and her album Advice From Paradise (Ethereal Sequence/Drag City) will be released February 17th. Meanwhile, if you need love advice you can ask Nedelle directly at (seriously…it’s an advice column).

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