Make Music Weird Again Part II

Man, I love this freaky little person and the weird music she makes. A few years back I saw Foxygen in San Francisco, featuring Globelamp’s Elizabeth Le Fey on keyboards and vocals, and was completely turned off by the band. I was really into the album, but their live performance and particularly lead singer Sam France’s persona was so off-putting that I can’t even listen to them at all anymore. I’m all for showmanship and rock rebellion, or whatever, but dude seemed like a kook and probably a huge pain in the balls in real life. Elizabeth seemed pretty cool, though, and I discovered her own project Globelamp soon afterward. Globelamp is freaky, folky, and doesn’t feel like a put on. She seems authentically kooky.

The video is pretty DIY, at times even amateurish, but her personality carries through pretty well and the song must be reckoned with. It’s not an easy listen, and it’s probably not for everyone. You might hate the phony Brit accent, but I always kinda admired guys like Anton from Brian Jonestown Massacre who were not afraid to wear their British influences firmly on sleeve. It also gives the vocal a manic feel as if there are multiple characters. If you are into Syd Barrett and Alexander “Skip” Spence, and maybe a little Jefferson Airplane (?), you might wanna give this a go.

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