First day of Summer Jams 2013

What could be more summery than a love affair with a “spaceling with humor” as described in this great sci-fi love song.
Sonny & The Sunsets – green blood


Personal Record
Can’t stop listening to this one. The way it kicks off with the “Elton John 11-17-70”-esque drum fill and the immediate key change is…shit…awesome.
Eleanor Friedberger – I Don’t Want to Bother You


A classic from the group that brought you the original Hangin’ On The Telephone before that blonde lady made it famous.
The Nerves – Paper Dolls


Ok, everyone and my mom is jamming this one, but whatever. It’s nothing, if not an undeniable “summer jam”.
Daft Punk – Doin’ it Right


New one from local SF-ers The Visibles, this indie folk gem puts me right on a summer hiking trail with my girl. Then she runs away with my compass. Jeez!
The Visibles – Clarendon Hills


These kids from Brooklyn are hitting so many of my receptors that it’s kinda ridiculous. How does New Order and The Cure combine seamlessly with West African fusion guitar you may ask?
Diiv – Past Lives


In addition to being a member of the Ifoghas tribe, this Tuareg guitarist from Niger is also a Nonesuch Records recording artist.
Bombino – Azamane Tiliade


Was last summer’s jam, too, but I didn’t have a blog last summer. Still jamming it. Love this guy.
Twin Shadow – Five Seconds
The dark unicorn in the running, this relatively obscure British country rock/soft rock group is one of my favorite recent discoveries. Why this band is forgotten in rock history is baffling to me. Aside from great songs and performances, Blue Pine Trees is also one of the most well-recorded albums I have ever heard.
Unicorn – Sleep Song

A classic Modern Lovers track. It’s amazing how fresh these songs sound forty years after they were recorded. Doesn’t sound that different from the first song on this list.
The Modern Lovers – I’m Straight